At Goldkey Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. we pride ourselves in serving as your advocate when it comes to claims. We ensure that claims are adjusted and settled in a fair, equitable and timely fashion. We have experienced claims team. We are structured to specialize in your area and offer our assistance and guidance with a view to bringing claims to a speedy resolution.
Our claims department works to:

  1. Act as liaison between your firm and the insurer
  2. Establish procedures for the reporting of claims and suits
  3. Monitor claims that are of special significance to you
  4. Assist in the resolution of coverage issues
  5. Advocate prompt and fair settlement practices
  6. Arrange for a prompt inspection by the Surveyor/Loss Assessor
  7. Assist you in the proper method of presenting a claim after details are accumulated
  8. Discuss coverage with you and the insurer, and provide opinions regarding interpretation
  9. Ensure prompt payment of the claim upon settlement
  10. Be available 24/7 to handle after hour emergency claims

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